At William Barnes Primary school safeguarding is an essential part of what we do day in and day out.  All staff and governors are kept up to date with the latest appropriate training including "Prevent anti-radicalisation training." Our safeguarding officers are: 

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Headteacher Karen Wrixon

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Deputy headteacher Richard Hull

Designated Safeguarding Governor - Maria Dixon 

If you have any concerns please speak to Mrs Wrixon in the first instance.  Please click below to view our Safeguarding and E-Safety policies.  Please note the E-Safety policy was updated and reviewed by the Governors in July 2019.  The E-Safety group also met to carry out an audit using the 360 Safe online tool in May 2019.

All staff have read and discussed the 2019 version of Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Below are two useful links from CEOP for families concerned about recent developments in toys that are connected to the internet and the use of screens during holidays.

What is the internet of things?

Seasonal Netiquette

Please download the newsletter from Dorset police's Safer School's Community Team which contains useful and upto date information regarding internet safety.